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To design and create a website to explain elements from the periodic table. The Periodic Table as we know, is a table of the chemical elements arranged in order of atomic number, so that elements with similar atomic structure appear in vertical columns. Making a fun twist on the Periodic Table to teach childern in Primary school elements in the Periodic Table can glow. Glowing elements will glow for the childern to learn why and how they glow.


Ulster Museum - Element Research

There is there is an exhibition in the ulster museum of the history of elements in the periodic table. Each of the elements had their own groups such as the techonology, jewels, medicine, food etc. One part of the exhibition had transition metals and there would be a piece of that element displayed so you can see visually what it looks like. Alongside the element there were also things that had been made from specific elements to show how they can actually be used in the real world.

Periodic Table

The Science Stuff

These are elements that glow and an amazing glow is due to a scientific process called luminescence. Even some animals have these properties and glow in the dark. Chemiluminescence makes things glow by creating a chemical reaction. The electrons within the object become excited because of the reaction between two chemicals, and the electrons give off energy by glowing. Luminescence is what causes items to glow brightly when it's dark.


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This is the low-fidelity wireframe for my elements website. I went for a dark theme to allow the elements to glow and show children the colours they glow in. The colours are the glowing olour of the elements showing how they are so colourful and bright

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This is the Prototype