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An online learning platform for everyone who wanted to learn about digital design.

The Idea

This was a module from univeristy. I looked at ‘designing the classroom of the future’ in the form of a UX school. I done research on competitors and how they deliver online education, taking the advantages and disadvantages of their products into consideration as initial research.


My research on this product is all documented on Tumblr

User Focused

User Flow

Card Sorting


On reflecting this module I found extremely interesting. Though research I have learn and discovered many wonderful facts about learning and online learning. This project has taught me how to prototype on XD as I previously used Invision in last years work. XD is more professional and suiting for the type of work I am doing. I am happy with the overall outcome of my project showcasing a quiz where people can find the right course and live classrooms where people are able to comment on. My research help me massively in this and I am very happy with the overall project.

What I would change?

I would have like to add an actual video on to show how it would look and feel. I would have like to have had a library selection where student could access free books about UX design but due to copyright laws I am unable to share that information. As I have learned extra knowledge though books such as “steal like an artist” and “mindful design” this would have been a brilliant feature. I do feel however that my skills in illustrator are lacking. I only hope in the future with more practice I would be able to have the skills of a professional. I am skilled in illustrator and know how to use it but i’m not quiet there yet.


Without feedback, research, other online learning platforms and XD this project would be the same. The feedback I got in week 6 really help me to get o the right path and to showcase this project.